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Welcome to the Writers’ Gallery

Selections of work produced by our MilSpeak community



— A 1960s high school student fights for her right to attend college. (Memoir by Nancy Whitworth)

“Hidden Treasures”

— A girl growing up in a military family discovers sadness while learning just how strong she really is. (Memoir by Caroline Brown)


— While on patrol in the jungles of Vietnam, a “Screaming Eagle” encounters an enemy. (Memoir, Steve Rountree)

“My Life as a Marine’s Mother”

— While reinventing herself, a mother rediscovers the military family. (Memoir, Patricia Tumlison)


Life becomes more complicated for the recruiters of on September 11, 2001. (Memoir, Rich Brown)

“A Crimson Stain”

Eighteen years after Desert Storm, a Marine revisits “The Highway of Death.” (Memoir, R. Richard Brown)

“I’d Like to Introduce You to….”

— An expectant mother and Marine writes a letter to her unborn child. (Memoir, Stacy Atkinson)

“Is That a Crime?”

— The Perp has a predilection toward pretty women. Will Investigator Charles take him down? (Memoir, C. David Ellard)


— Country girl meets Military boy – Will their families love them, too? (Memoir, Nancy Whitworth)


— Breakfast in a coffee pot, twins – well, not quite – and a Master Blaster. (Memoir, F.P. Siedentopf)

“Our Unit”

— Poetry by Bernard Haagensen

“The Joys & Personal Prices We Pay in Military Service”

— Is service worth the sacrifice? This Korean War Veteran has his say. (Memoir, Jack Hayes)

“Reflections of a Marine’s Mother”

— Her husband served more than 20 years in the Marine Corps – does this mother have to let her son go, too? (Memoir by Marty Ellard)

“Moving On “

— The teenaged member of a military family remembers a difficult move with her family. (Memoir by Caroline Brown)

“Corporal J’s House Cleaning”

— Marines encounter insurgents. A True Account as Told to C. David Ellard


— A Marine contemplates motherhood and duty in the moments following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. (Memoir, Sondra Meek)

“Just Breathe”

A Vietnam Veteran recalls his first experience at a VA hospital. (Moe Haagensen)